The Rep Development Scheme

Also know as RDS the Students’ Union offers a free development scheme to all Student Academic Reps to help develop skills, increase employability and improve the quality of the feedback from students to the University. Each level must be fulfilled before moving to the next and will be awarded pending the completion of the ‘Reps Exit Survey’ in the Summer Term. The Bronze Training is compulsory for all Reps in order to have the role recorded on University transcripts.

Find the Rep handbook here.

Bronze training requires you to:

  1. Watch the video and read the handbook
  2. Take the online test
  3. Complete all the duties expected of Reps within the department (asking for guidance from department staff)
  4. Attend or contribute to the Faculty Forum organised by the Faculty Representatives.

To gain recognition for Silver:

  1. Complete all requirements for Bronze
  2. Complete 3 skills sessions of your choice from the RDS list.
  3. Submit a 500 word report about the department
  4. Register for voluntary work with the Student Voice Team
  5. Attend or engage with at least 3 Faculty Forums
  6. Complete all the duties expected of Reps within the department

To gain recognition for Gold:

  1. Complete Silver level requirements
  2.  Complete 5 skills modules of your choice from the RDS list
  3. 3 short reports about the Department (one per term)
  4. 10 hours voluntary work with Student Voice Team
  5. Evidence of attendance at Department meetings
  6. Evidence of attendance at 5 Faculty Forums
  7. Complete all duties expected within the department

Silver training requires the completion of Bronze and Gold training requires the completion of sliver. See the list of requirements for more information on all training.

Sign up for Skills and Modules training sessions.


The Student’s Union work alongside the departments and faculties to support and coordinate the Student Representative System. We provide training, support, advice and resources to assist the Reps to do their jobs. When you have been appointed you should register on-line as an official Student Rep for your department. The Union keeps a database of all the Reps that register so that we can help put students in touch with their Reps.

Email all your Rep enquires, questions, feedback and concerns