Can my Academic Rep Help me?

If you’re having problems within your department, or want to shout about its successes, your Rep is a fantastic first point of contact.

Every year the Reps secure great wins for students, from mentoring systems to coursework turnaround times, but they can only do this with your help and feedback. By getting in touch with your Reps to tell them about your student experience you can give them the information needed to change Lancaster University for the better.

How do you contact them?

  • Ask your Department Administrators who your Reps are.
  • Check your Department Noticeboards.
  • Have a look at your on-line department or course information. This may involve checking Moodle or appropriate social media pages.
  • Post in your Student Only Moodle
  • Email – stating your year, scheme of study/department and asking for your Reps contact information.