Saber L'Bekkari

Hi there, I’m Saber and I’m running to be your next VP Campaigns and Communications. I am currently a third-year Accounting and Finance student. My media experience spans over 7 years in various areas. From community radio to student radio and from small reaching newspapers to large scale student TV productions. While at Lancaster, I have taken a keen interest in Bailrigg FM and LA1:TV and have been the Head of Imaging, Treasurer and Head of Engineering at Bailrigg FM.


My main aims for the year ahead would be:

  1. Secure, effective student media
    1. Student media are facing turbulent times with budget cuts and uncertainty. Our student media finances are being squeezed, I’d fight to ensure the finances of SCAN, LA1:TV and Bailrigg FM are maintained and secure. In addition, I’d seek ways in which Take 2 can be opened more, such as society socials. This could widen the appeal of Take 2, and as such bring more students to regular viewings.
    2. Lancaster doesn’t offer a practical media degree, and this can make the technical running of the student medias more difficult. Using my experience, I would strive to ensure that all our student media have a technical point of contact.
  2. Mental Health Support
    1. There is growing concern across the country that there is an ever increasing need for mental health support. I would seek to increase the profile of Nightline and also work with the University to help provide alternative mental health support. In addition to this, I would look to expand the ways in which students can use Nightline, such as using instant messaging apps.
  3. Alternative Food Maps
    1. As part of a commitment to ensuring everyone can feel at home when in Lancaster, I would launch alternative food maps. These maps would show what restaurant options are available to students that are Vegan, Vegetarian, Halal etc. Working with businesses in Lancaster city centre would allow the maps to be extended into the city.
  4. Roses
    1. 2018 will see Roses come back to Lancaster. Working with sports teams and student media, I would work a campaign that ensures everyone feels welcome to Roses, and that there would be an event for everyone. ‘We Are Lancaster’ would be a key focus of this. The aim would be to ensure that everyone at Lancaster University should feel able to participate.
    2. Student media coverage. Our student media outlets in collaboration with their York counterparts (as they see fit) in preparation for Roses. Thanks to our student media, the coverage of Roses is second to none, and I would like to see that continue in the coming year working together so more sports can be covered than ever before.


This is just an outline of just a few of my ideas, if you have any other ideas or suggestions feel free to send them to me at any time by emailing