Osaretin Aghahowa


I am currently a Postgraduate student studying Advanced Marketing Management. I was the Black and Minor Ethnicities (P.T.O), I now serve as an executive on the Ethnic diversity committee. Having served as a liberation officer, I realised the need to have a face like mine within the student union, a voice for the BME and international students, the need for fair representation within the student union helped tailor my manifestos.

I hope to use my office to bring light to marginalisation of BME and International students by the university and the society.

My goals are transparency within the union, enabling Inclusive participation and fair representation.  

Ideas and Petition board: I will like to bring the ‘Idea and petition board’ more main stream by providing platforms in public places for more students to actively participate in students politics.

Direct report line: This will be a toll-free line were incidences of racial profiling, social injustice or issues of concern may be reported anonymously. Cases reported via this medium will be giving the necessary attention by my office till resolved.

Student centred Campaign: Issues such as High cost of Rent, High cost of train fares, High cost of laundrettes, recent hike in fees, grants cut and incessant rise of international students’ fees. Will be campaigned against interminably as I believe quality education should be accessible to everyone. I will use my office to actively lobby, the appropriate authority till desired change is achieved. With the wider use of the ‘Idea and petition board’ the Union will be able to know student centric issues which will be brought to the forefront of the student union campaigns.

Inclusive participation: I will work closely with Liberation groups, Education Representatives, Activity Groups to ensure that their activities are properly supported and promoted by both the student media and the Union. Having been at the opposite end I know how bureaucratic it is to get support from the student union. Hence the need for direct relationship. My aim is to restore the purpose of LUSU and ensure the student media is a genuine reflection of the students.

Engagement with postgraduate and mature students: I hope to foster students in this category with dedicated columns and sections within the students media. The aim is to increase their interest in students’ activities.

Easier accessibility for disable students: my aim will be to ensure all media outlets are considerate about their disabled audience.  

Digitalization: Due to the loss of the spine it has become really difficult for students to promote our activities offline. I will proffer the use of digital outdoor boards to be placed in strategic places. This is a more effective way of communicating as it will help reduce our paper waste. The procurement and maintenance of this digital boards could be achieved through due negotiations with digital outdoor companies.

Digitalization of the student media: Scan, Bailrigg FM, LA1: TV Integration of these platforms into a mobile application. The aim is to foster larger student engagement with media. Reduce our paper waste. I hope to achieve this digitalisation with the help of ISS, relevant I.T societies and possibly tech firms.

I realize the digitalisation may cost funds however if done right it could be attained efficiently and serve as a means of future income for the Union.

Greater support for the student media: I want to create avenues to encourage more students participation in the media. I will like to create opportunities by creating networking events where prospective employers could network with our budding media students offering them guidance, paid internship as well as graduate jobs.

Remodelling Take2 Cinema: I will like to simply paint the place to an appropriate colour, swap the current seats for something comfier and push to display more recent movies.

Lobby university to finalise the asylum seekers scholarship.

Whatever the outcome of the election I hope this act of mine will encourage people from minor groups to engage in activism as there is a greater need for solidarity in these fascist times.

The manifestos list is not exhaustive as my purpose is to ensure I represent student’s issues.

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