Morgan Saunders

Third year History and Politics student running for VP Education.

Passionate about student advocacy. Morgan has had the privilege of being an elected Academic Rep for the majority of his university career.  Part One FST Rep in 2015 (Universe As An Art). Part Two FASS Rep in 2016 (History). Achievements featured on LUSU webpage 29th July 2016. Morgan believes in and understands how the  Rep system .  Academic Rep system #Safe with Saunders.

Passionate about educational enrichment and the collegiate system. Morgan  organised the Inaugural University Challenge competition in 2016. 

My pragmatic plan for #Education and Employability Excellence.

  • Lobby government to ‘Freeze The Fees’  for UK  and international students.
  • Oppose  the Higher Education and Research Bill. No to ‘sub-prime’ degrees and the erosion of institutional autonomy and academic freedom. Call on the House of Lords to amend the bill.
  • Campaign for more undergraduate and postgraduate bursaries that rise with inflation. 
  • Advocate for all undergraduate lecture slides to be in Dyslexie font.
  • Launch a free online mindfulness course over combating stress ,perfectionism and procrastination. 
  • Collaborate with the University and ISS to develop a ‘Contact Your Rep’ app on iLancaster.
  • Consult all departments over introducing a peer mentoring scheme for first year and international students. First year students would have a second or third year mentor.
  • Launch a review into the feasibility of online only coursework submission.
  • Supporter of #Liberate My Degree. Canvass relevant departments to include more female, working class, disabled, LGBT+ and black academics on reading lists.
  • Introduce a new 15-credit Lancaster Award module: ‘Research skills and ethics’  to address A level  transition ,digital literacy, and library orientation issues.
  • Deliver an exclusive end of year ‘Repstrav’ for all departmental and  faculty Reps.
  • Campaign for ClaroRead software on  computers. 
  • Hold talks with Durham, York and Lancaster to create an inter university quiz challenge. Giving all students an academic equivalent of Roses.
  • Deliver targeted lectures: How to thrive academically in your first year , How to find and fund an MA degree. How to secure finance and survive a PhD and Life after a PhD: Career options.
  • Implement review of Mitigating Circumstances, Complaints and Appeals procedures. Ensure procedures are easy to understand and simple to use.
  • Strive for the creation of a Postgraduate Full Time Officer.
  • Push for more file storage on university computers and more  library print credits for undergraduates and postgraduates. 
  • Establish 'Luminary' a university journal for MA and PhD students to publish research.
  • Launch focus group to support PGR students.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.