Monique Winstanley

Hello everyone,

My name is Monique and I am running to be your new President Full Time Officer of Lancaster University’s Student Union. My goals would be to help further bridge the gap between students and the University, as I have already been doing for my 2 years at the University as an Academic Representative. I believe that students should have a say in their education, and also get the most out of their time at Lancaster University.

The key topics that I would like to address in precedency would be:

  1. Introducing more involvement with the societies - such as having more events on campus, introducing society awards and even having themed weeks which the university would help set up and run to include the involvement of societies (i.e. charity week, culture week, Lancaster festival etc.)
  2. Mental health - I would also like to address the fact that according to last year’s survey via The Tab, Lancaster was ranked the highest in terms of mental health issues and sufferers, with an astonishing 58% of respondents stating they were suffering from some type of mental illness. I would therefore like to further help students who feel like they may be suffering from any issues or mental health problems via a variety of new methods that could potentially cater to a wider audience. These could include: more regular emails with details on how to help make mental health issues more tolerable, more widely accessible support such as apps or online help, guest speakers and ongoing support after counselling sessions. I also think that exam period packs that contained items such as healthy food vouchers, codes to meditation apps, adult stress-relieving colouring posters, freebies, support contact information and such may help lower stress levels of students around this time period and let them know there is additional support and ways in dealing with exam pressures.
  3. Costs - the University doesn’t come without its additional costs and I believe that it would be a good idea to introduce loyalty schemes across campus and introduce new companies to the Purple Card Scheme, to ensure Lancaster students are getting the most for their money.
  4. Listening to students - I would like to be the voice to represent changes within the University based on real experiences and real data from what students at Lancaster University want. I would be open to new suggestions and carry out anonymous surveys and research to see if the majority of students would agree and feel they would benefit from the suggested changes.

My experience:

  • Current President of RocSoc
  • Current Events and Liasion Officer of OWT & HR Society
  • Current Events Team Member of Marketing Society
  • Current Academic Representative (2 consecutive years)
  • 2 Years Full Time Work at St. Modwen as a Client Service Representative
  • Lancaster Award: Gold
  • LUMS Student Ambassador of the Year Award, 2016
  • Been in a working environment both full time and part time for 6 full years across several different jobs and working environments


I like to be pro-active and involved, whilst also being able to deal with a large amount of work and responsibility. I feel that my past experience will be beneficial to the role as President as it has allowed me to understand the workplace, as well as being in high positions and involvement on decision making and making a change within an organisation. I enjoy work and new challenges and feel this would be the perfect opportunity to show what I am capable of and help to make the best out of your Lancaster University experience.