Michael Sherratt


  • Ensure affordable, recreational sport is here to stay for all.
  • Add to the number of college sports currently available.
  • Push for better facilities, like indoor tennis courts and a running track.

I have 3 years of hands on experience as 2nd team captain, treasurer and president of the squash club. Some of the things I have done in the squash exec include organising kit, trips to Manchester, coaching, and BUCS matches.

I have also been a Just play activator since the start of first year, where I have had the opportunity to talk to people from a variety of sports clubs along with those who attended squash Just Play.

These roles have given me the chance to get to know the activities team, who I would be working with, and see how they function together.

All of this has given me an ideal perspective into the wants and needs of students who participate in sport recreationally and competitively.

Over the course of the year, many important decisions will be made about things from Grad ball to Roses. I will endeavour to always have your needs not only in mind but the driving force behind my decisions. 

Vote Right, Vote Mike!