Lex Elliott

Hi, I’m Lex and I’m an English Literature Master’s student! I won the Special Contribution Award at last year’s Liberation Awards for my involvement with LUSU over the past four years, during which I have:

  • Been LGBTQ+ Officer and a LUSU Councillor
  • Co-created Women+ Forum and Disabilities Forum
  • Led seven LGBTQ+ awareness campaigns
  • Run many more campaigns including Consent/Sexual Health and Women with Disabilities
  • Been a Welfare Officer for over two years and held a weekly welfare hour where I listen to and offer support to students
  • Been a Scrutiny Panellist
  • Worked with LUSU Schools Volunteering
  • Co-organised LGBTQ+ History Month, International Women’s Day, and Reclaim the Night annually

If elected as your VP: Welfare and Community, here’s how I’m committed to making change.

Mental health:

  • Create a campus-wide framework for academic departments to support students dealing with personal and mental health problems, including a more considerate approach to extensions, mitigating circumstances, and intercalation.
  • Work with the University to have Counselling and Wellbeing staff better trained to support a more diverse range of students, including LGBTQ+ and disabled students.

Survivor support:

  • Implement the new harassment policy and ensure that reports of sexual assault are handled appropriately and sensitively in accordance with this policy.
  • Conduct a review of the UniSafe app to assess its effectiveness and make improvements in order to offer students better support when reporting assault, harassment or discrimination.


  • Ensure that the University doesn’t go back on its post-Brexit promises to keep Lancaster international. Defend international and migrant students’ rights to education and continue campaigns like We Are Lancaster to promote internationalisation.
  • Lobby the University against further fee increases so that people from low income backgrounds can access education, as well as campaigning for all departments to offer free printing to reduce the cost of living.
  • Involve JCRs, sports and societies, and academic departments in liberation campaigns such as History Months and Why Is My Curriculum White?


  • Work with the Disability Service to ensure routes around campus are accessible throughout spine refurbishment and further construction work on campus.

Green and Ethics:

  • Renew efforts to lobby the University to remove its investments from arms and fossil fuels, and work with the University on an ethical policy.
  • Use the market stalls on Thursdays to promote local, ethical businesses and give students the option to shop more ethically.
  • Push for a reduction of the University’s food waste in order to create a more sustainable campus.