Amy Amira

Who am I?

I'm a Master's student and previously did my undergraduate here. As an international student and having studied both a science degree and a management degree, I know the challenges that are felt by students in both areas of study. Also, working for the alumni department and fundraising for the University, I believe that it's important to ensure that funds raised are used to benefit students.

What are my goals?

-Encouraging sustainability and introducing minimalism

Today, it's all about consumerism, I want to encourage minimal expenditure by campaigning for fair prices and also giving tips and tricks to save money and take care of your health at the same time.

-Campaigning for better integration for international students

If you're an international student, you know it's hard to fit in. My aim is to encourage secular informing students about what they know before they come here and to ensure rate of degree completion for international degree holders is higher.

-LGBTQ rights, equity and equality

My aim is to promote wellbeing and understanding by sharing knowledge and counteracting hate crimes. Spread love not war.

-Support for minority groups

Being from a minority group myself, I understand the challenges that is faced when settling in. I think there could be more things done to integrate people from minority groups as an individual. I also believe that individuality should be promoted more rather than the segregation between international and home students.

-Drink safe campaigns, sexual health and sexual safety

Coming to University is an exciting time. We want to try new things but are we aware of things like free sexual health services? My aim is to promote activities ensuring lower rates of STD and a safer night out.

-Encourage University subsidy for bus passes

Feel like bus passes are priced at an extortionate fee? I would like to work with the University to put in place subsidies for our bus passes.

-Encourage alternative participation in community activities

Maybe nights out aren't for you? Encouraging volunteer activities and increasing visibility to groups around Lancaster that encourages interaction are one of my many priorities.

-Tuition fees freeze for international undergraduate and postgraduate students

Every year, international student fees increase by 10%, my aim is to cap fee price at the year of entry. If this can be done for international PhD students, undergraduates should have the same.

Why should you vote for me?

I believe as an international student and as a postgraduate student, these are the two sectors that the Union has not been able to integrate effectively. Although I got involved with the Union later than I would have liked, I want my lasting impact to be that under-represented students can easily get involved with every aspect of the Union.