Alastair Morrison

Hello, my name is Alastair Morrison and I'm a final year accounting and finance student and part time bar sports legend. I'm running for VP Education because I think students should have more of a say in the education they pay for at university. 


I've been heavily involved in the university outside of my degree since first year and I understand the value of the university experience as a whole. As the captain of college and University darts, I regularly deal with issues that impact other students, such as events like Roses and other university competitions. I have also been heavily involved within my college, as part of the college council, communicating with the JCR and resolving issues with conflicting schedules. I'm always willing to take people's opinions on board and work with people whether they are faculty, employees or students. Whilst Lancaster is an outstanding university I believe there are ways we can improve course quality for all students in the future. I'm an approachable and friendly person and willing to listen to anyone's issues and concerns wether they are big or small.


Obtaining a degree is the primary reason we are all here at Lancaster University and I feel passionately that it is important students feel part of the education they are receiving. This involves better communication with student reps, conveying between students and faculty what is helpful in terms of feedback, and further campaigning to get lectures recorded as they serve as a valuable revision resource. Working together with reps, we can get the students the kind of education they deserve. Together, we can get a better quality education for everyone.


If you want an officer who cares about what students want out of their degree vote Alastair Morrison for VP Education! #AlastairForEducation