Adam Mossman

Hi, I’m Adam. I’m a third-year Natural Sciences student and a serial organiser. I can’t help myself from getting involved to make things happen, or make a good thing run even better, hence nominating myself for this position. As a result of my “meddling” persona I have served five terms as society exec and have just been elected for a sixth. I was even a founding exec member of both the Folk and Wargaming societies. By my association with various student groups, I’ve found myself often in the LUSU offices and this has only increased now that I am on Societies Committee, where I am part of reviewing societies' funding applications and platform events. I know I have the skill and drive to organise Roses and other events, however I can bring more to the role than just “VP: Sport”.

In my time at university I’ve become more involved than most in the running of societies and in setting up events from countless LAN events to the ICBINI folk dance festival in 2015, and this has given me a great perspective on many of the problems activity groups face and how LUSU could address these.  Clubs and societies are the most important networks for students to develop skills, make friends, and access new opportunities, and I feel strongly that the Union should be supporting those networks that support students. This means a focus on:

  • Clearer and more open communication between the Union and student groups, so that clubs and societies can better understand what services are already provided and how to access them
  • Improving resources and training for student groups, especially related to finances
  • Better organising Union-provided storage, and expanding if necessary to accommodate needs
  • More support and fewer obstacles for students who want to organise events, from competitions to 

All in all, I believe I have what it takes to be your next VP: Activities and I hope you agree.