Just Play Self Defence

Just Play will be hosting a number of half-day courses throughout the year to help improve confidence, help you get fit and improve your balance, coordination and focus.  

In association with LU Aikido, JUST PLAY Self defence courses will primarily be based on disengagement and avoidance of physical attack. The courses will be made up of Aikido and assault avoidance skills, which our trained instructors would usually teach to security and NHS staff for a practical real world application.  

All equipment is provided and Activators will be on hand throughout the session to support participants.  

Details of the next course-

Date- Saturday 3rd June 

Time- 10am-12pm 

Venue- Brandrigg Room, Cartmel College 

To book your place, please click here

For more information please contact help@lusu.co.uk 

We advise all participants to wear comfortable clothing and flat shoes.