Meet the Just Play team

Our Activator team is made up of a host of friendly, supportive and motivating individuals who are on hand at each of you sessions to help you get the most out of your experience of sport at Lancaster University.  


Tom Wilson 

Alex Goldsack 


Alex Lee 

Aine Mclea 

Nathan Killbery  


Matt Ivory 

Charlie Mpetha  


Anna Hills 

Siobhan Regan  


Ross Pennlington  

Alex Hall 

Football Women’s  

Rhiannion D’Arcy  

HIIT & Clubbercise  

Zoe Webber 

Charlotte Rothwell  


Maisie King  


Ross Butcher 

Callum Baltrop  

Laura Sullivan  

Self Defence  

Florian Pietz 

Dan Palmer  


David Aitken  

Alex Chapman   

Michael Sherratt 


Anna Clark  

Rachel Melvin  

Table Tennis  

Ransford Ampersan  

Kyle Osborne  

Jordan Scragg  

Become a JUST PLAY Activator 

If you are an enthusiastic, energetic, passionate individual, we want to hear from you! What sport do you want to encourage others to play? wrestling, basketball, boxing, cycling, gymnastics, rounders, frisbee, golf…tell us about it! 

We are now recruiting our Activators for 2016/17, if you are interested in becoming a sports leader assisting with the delivery of the project you can email us

Download a detailed overview of the project and the volunteer opportunity 

Download the JUST PLAY Application Form