Just Play Fencing

A fiery, fast, and explosive sport, fencing keeps both your body and brain active! With three different weapons to choose from; foil, épée, and sabre, fencing is sure to offer something for everyone! 

Fencing has been included in every Olympic Games since 1898 and to this day proves as popular as ever! After the marksman’s bullet, the tip of the fencing weapon is second fastest moving object in sport.  

New to Just Play Fencing this year student Sam Rae said: “I only started attending Just Play Fencing a week ago after I saw the union post the session details on Facebook. My dad used to do fencing when he attended University so I always fancied having a go and seeing what it was all about!” 

All equipment is provided and Activators will be on hand throughout the session to support participants.

Day- Saturday

Time- 11am-1pm

Venue- Sports Hall

Cost- £2

Activators- Anna and Siobhan