Just Play Archery

Archery is one of the fastest-growing sports in the UK. Providing a balance between fitness and fun, archery never fails to capture the imagination of its participants.  

All the participants attending Just Play Archery receive training in archery safety, rules, and the necessary guidance when using the equipment. Archery requires mental attention, strength and physical coordination but once you have mastered the technique the sport can be extremely worthwhile.  

Just Play Archery newcomer Vicky said: “I had never done Archery before until I came to uni this year. I first attended the Just Play Archery session in week one and have been coming ever since. It’s been great fun, as well as a little frustrating at times but once you get your technique correct it’s really rewarding!” 

Day- Thursday

Time- 9am-11am

Venue- Sports Hall

Activators- Tom & Alex

All equipment is provided and Activators will be on hand throughout the session to support participants.