Stand by Sugar

Last year, the Sugarhouse had over 100,000 attendances; it held one of the biggest weekends for Roses, and has continued to really commit to everyone's favourite theme... Old Skool. Sugar has got to be our favourite place to go and week after week, students come for a good night out. Maybe you only came once, when Sugar was supporting your society’s event; maybe you couldn’t believe Hodor was actually in Lancaster; maybe you wanted to make sure you could have a safe night out, or maybe it was just a Wednesday. The Sugarhouse is undoubtedly a massive part of the student experience (where else can you buy a hole box of space raiders on a night out: see below) and we need your help to show the Council that.

So why isn’t anyone addressing the potential risks these developments pose for our nightclub?

We know that students would love to see Lancaster grow as a city, and the Students’ Union wants to support this! But we need to make sure that things are being done properly. I don’t believe that the developers have really considered what noise mitigation would work best on the proposed student accommodation (and our acoustic experts have said that the Council’s policy on noise is based on Manchester’s guidelines, which isn’t enough to protect tenants or businesses) – and we need to ensure that we’re considering the welfare of our students! Sugar is a loud club, and the low frequency noise travels far… right into the bedrooms of the proposed developments. To make sure the buildings are up to the right standards, we need to see the developer’s data and they must address the bass noise. 

Sugarhouse isn’t just for students to come for a night out, it is much more than that. Sugar employs 57 students behind the bar (our manager was a student here!) and the events crew have built up their experience, with rigging lighting and sound, and since have moved into careers at the BBC. The Sugarhouse also underpins the night time local economy – independent venues benefit from students going around town before coming to Sugar, local photographers and DJs are making sure we're having a good night, and once the night is over, students flock out of the venue to the ‘food outlets’ to finish the night before getting into one of the local taxi firms cabs, or even a national bus company. 

Why don’t the Council think that the 1,100 plus objections students have already submitted is something they should listen to?

The student voice isn’t being valued enough, so we need to make ourselves heard louder! If you feel passionately about the Sugarhouse, you can do any of the following

  • Add an objection to the council website at
  • Show support for Sugarhouse by joining us in Dalton Square from 9.30am on Monday December 12
  • Volunteering to speak at the council planning meeting by emailing

Sugarhouse is at real risk and we need students to help us convince the council that this development needs to be done right.

Help us Escape this situation and make some Big Room in your heart, it’ll only Takeover moments of your day to be a part of making sure we can keep this city Sweet as!