New year, new officers!

If you can remember as far back to week 7 of Michaelmas term, you'll remember when it all started. Go forward to week 8, posters of different photos and cringe slogans (Soph 4 socials/safe with Sophie, guilty) shot up all over campus. Stay in week 8: for the first time in my 4 years, Furness College did not have the highest voter turn out (Cmon GZ🐗) 

This week, the difference faces have come into LUSU for Officer Training. 

Who are your officers?

Each college has a JCR Executive. Most colleges have got a socials crew, welfare teams, a comms duo, sports reps, democracy and finance keenos (🙋🏽 I'm with ya) and a President. These officers (reps, secretaries, whatever you want to call them) organise most of the engagement that happens in your colleges, from Founders to nights out in Manchester to fundraisers and quizzes. But just because you're not an officer, doesn't mean you can't get involved!!! If you want to raise some money, organise an event or design a poster you CAN. Speak to your JCR, promise they're alright. 

Want ways to get involved in the Union?

Got ideas for change? Submit them here

Have a good idea for a social? Social forum is in week 4 

Issues with your degree? Faculty forums are held: week 3 and 6

Want something in Squeek? This is your form (needs to be filled in by noon on Thursdays)

I haven't answered your question? Email me:

The President has a slightly different role - a president is your college representative, the voice of your college, they get invited to University meetings about the student experience and attend your College Councils. If you have any issues in your college, make sure your Presidents, and other officers, have heard about them! The University loves (needs) to hear student feedback, and your JCR is the best bet! Full Time Officers do a similar thing on a university wide scale - so if you want to speak any of us about issues, drop us a line, a DM or catch us in the Greggs queue. 

For the first time this year, we delivered a session on 'Advancing the College.' This session is about starting to look at the future of each of your college, and how over the next year you will be able to shape and define what your college community is. We have challenged officers to think about what are some of the big changes they'd like to see in the colleges, how they are going to ask the SCR to commit to this and how students are going to be taken along the journey! This has been my favourite session over the two days as I hope JCRs and students can start to develop what their college identities mean.