Could you be the next Vice- President?

At 21 years old, I was made a company director, cool eh? The role involves understanding how an organisation’s activities are sustainable, that an organisation is maintaining its student led values and that it’s continuing to deliver high quality service. I’m sure you probably haven’t considered the Students’ Union as an opportunity for work experience, but it’s really the most obvious option!  Working for the Students’ Union is more than being stood out in Alex Sq (although it does involve a lot of that), it was incredibly steep learning curve, where we’ve learn about projections, business continuity, chairing meetings and the responsibilities of being a charity trustee – all whilst still living in Lancaster!

  …and it’s really easy, nominate yourself, campaign for 2 weeks, quick hust and bit of questioning, and 3 days of voting and it’s all done! And then you get paid, just over £18,000 – fair!

And what experience do you need for the role? Well you’ve already got it! Any student at Lancaster University can run for a Full Time Officer position.

The best part of this job? You get to stay in the Lancaster bubble. You still get to play on the University sports teams, college bar sports, stay involved in societies and getting involved all the random activities on campus.

Fancy being in Strictly Come Dancing? Do it! 

Do you have banter about Roses? 

There’s 6 roles – all very different, all trustees of organisation with an 8 million pound turn over. Mine's the most fun job.

If you would like some support running, here’s where you can get it!

Thursday – The current FTOs are going on a role roadshow! We will be based in Alex Sq at the Farmers Market (so don’t worry, you’re not missing out on your gluten free waffle) but we will also be all over campus all day, so tweet @LancasterUniSU to find out where you can accost us!

Thursday night the fun continues… we’re holding a free coffee evening for anything thinking about running to come down to, we’ll be in Costa on campus between 5-7pm – so please come down for a brew!

Candidate academy – 6pm, Tuesday. All you need to know about the roles available, what the big topics are in higher education and for students at Lancaster.

There is SO much information everywhere – click for more. Promo video? Click! if you'd like to speak to someone, drop me line!

What have you got to lose?