Chair's Blog: Week 9

Items for discussion.

This week we started with national politics and the NSS boycott. The National Student Survey (NS)S is the end of degree survey for final years. I touched on it on my week 1 blog post. Anyway, back once again. The NUS (National Union of Students, not to be confused with NSS) would like student unions to boycott the NSS (well actually it was sabotage originally... but they've changed tact), but this would have serious repercussions for Universities. So, Unions asked if the NUS would do a risk assessment for the boycott (we ❤️ risk assessments in the adult world). The NUS (being uber democratic) said in order to complete the risk assessment, Student Unions should vote as to whether the NUS should actually risk assess the risky activity. We agreed. You can find out more about the NSS boycott on the NUS' hub.

Items for approval

The Executive moved back to Lancs politics and policy approval. Three policies were presented to the Exec by our VP Welfyeah. Equality and diversity ✅ Responsible Alcohol Consumption ✅ and Zero Tolerance ✅. All good stuff. First policies passed by our new Union Executive! 🎉

Items for report

Thinking past your 3 (4 if you're lucky.. 8 if you're a PGR😳) years in Lancaster, the Executive were invited to receive and consider the Lancaster University 2020 Strategy. Over the last three years, the University has made some progress towards their end goal and Rhiannon was able to give us an update on it.

Back to right here, right now. STUDENT IDEAS💡 

1. More indoor court space for sports teams and societies. !!!!! (apparently Lancs is the rainiest campus in the UK!!) 

2. Promote the City-Council by-election when people vote in LUSU elections. (So much democracy, use your voices!)

3. Cheaper laundry (maybe an idea to roll into accommodation costs?)

4. Create an Alumni fund (can we make our own decisions about funding?)

5. Bursary to help with prescription costs (what information do students need and where do we lack sharing it?)

6. Fix the sockets in the library (have you tried turning it off and on again?)

We know we're at maximum capacity, the Union are working hard on trying to make sure we have the appropriate space for all of our teams and are continuing to lobby the University! The by-election is for YOUR university representative in the city council - its SO important students in engage with this that the Union supported the promotion anyway! All your ideas about facilities have been sent over the team this week! Your ideas should be getting an updated reply as to some solutions! Ans the Alumni Fund idea will be going to a student jury next term!

So far this term we have had 35 ideas submitted and 700 votes. Please keep them coming!! 

As for my officer update, I'll be writing an end of term blog! 

Big shout out to the first ever Union Executive! There might have been some questionable chairing (soz) and a hurdles, but think the team dealt with the new structures in the best way, so cheers to the out going Officers!