Chair's Blog: Week 11

Welcome back to Executive!

It's the first week of term, and we've thrown the new officers right into the deep end: Union Executive. We spent most of the meeting working through how Exec works, what we generally discuss and approve and went through the students ideas which we received over the winter holidays.

Executive 2017 is made up of our new PTOs:

- BME: Racheal Alake

- International: Viraj (Steering Group)

- Women's +: Alex (Steering Group)

- Students with disabilities: Esther (Elected as Vice-Chair)

- Mature: Matt

- LGBTQ+: Jess

College representatives

- Bowland President: Domenica

- PG Board Chair: Josh

Waiting to hear on Faculty Reps... and of course, your FTO team!

As I said, we spent most of the meeting speaking about student ideas - a lot green thinking over the holidays! Students are asking for LUSU to work on campaigns where we focus on saving energy and considering it's impact, asking for food compost bins in flats and thinking about Lancaster's built environment. The other theme was stress (we can tell there are deadlines looming) as one student would like something to destress with in the library (isn't that what the trees for?) whilst others want us to focus on more wellbeing campaigns and continuing to lobby the University for additional staff resource. Fancy a nosey of the ideas? Click here.

It's only a short one from me today (I am sure those of you who read these will appreciate that!) - back into full Executive swing in Week 3, see you then!