Hello again!

We’re almost two months into the job – thought it was about time for an update!

As you can imagine, working in the Students’ Union is a hectic environment and we’ve just had the newest members find out that they are joining us! To all those who received their A-level results, Scottish Highers, IB points, Diplomas, BTECs and all the rest, welcome to Lancaster University! I honest can’t wait for Welcome Week – it has been our primary focus over the summer and hours of hard work the JCRs, Activities and Communications teams have put into the project so far is exciting!

Equally exciting news has come through in the last week – the Charity Commission has approved the changes to our new democratic structures!

… so what does this mean?

The new democratic structures will be putting the power back into the hands of the students! If you’ve got any ideas or thoughts about what you’d like to see changed at the Union then you are now able to submit these ideas [here: http://lusu.co.uk/thestudentvoice]. The ideas then follow a process where they go to Executive, and if a decision can’t be made, the ideas then go to a randomly selected student jury or preferendum (you!). For the latter stages of the process, students don’t have to go through an election process, hustings or writing manifestos – these decisions are for all students to make!

We have been working out all the finer details for this whole process – it’s so very nearly ready to use for the start of term!

The change of democratic structures also meant that we lost some of the previous Part-time Officer positions, so I would just like to thank all those for their contribution to Lancaster!

In addition to this, Rachel and I have been working on a campaign framework to support the ideas that come through the new system which should be available soon!

All this brings me to the most exciting bit of news:

If you can’t remember your LUSU number – you don’t need it!

The power of Single Sign On means you can just log into LUSU’s new website with your Uni username and password

And finally – Central refurb is nearly finished! Soon we will have a shiny new eco-friendly Central shop which is, you guessed it, exciting.

You can keep up with the Unions’ activities by following me on Twitter @LUSUVPUD (..Yes, people still use Twitter)