Information for departments

The Rep System is jointly managed by the University and the Students’ Union.  Staff in departments facilitate the appointment of reps and work with the Union to ensure they are trained and supported to undertake their role.

Appointment of Reps:

  • Reps should be appointed and registered within 3 weeks of the beginning of their course.
  • Recommended Ratio of reps is 1 rep: 50 students –up to a maximum of 4 reps per group.
  • Undergrad reps are usually appointed by year of student (e.g. 1st yr rep, 3rd yr rep)
  • Post graduate reps are usually appointed by level of study (PGT/PGR rep)
  • Students should be given an opportunity to make choices about who represents them.

Registration and Induction of reps:

  • Departments should provide induction information to reps to provide them with the following:
    • Details of staff they should contact with rep related issues.
    • Details about expectations of reps within departments – i.e. what meetings they should attend and when.
    • The type of meetings they attend – are they formal? Who attends? Are there minutes or agendas they can see in advance?
    • Clarity on methods for contacting the students they represent – is there a mailing list, a space on The Student Only Moodle, a noticeboard or Facebook page?
  • Reps are required to register themselves officially once appointed and arrange training here.



  • Any questions about the reps system can be directed to the Union Rep Coordinator:
  • Departments are asked to provide the Union with one key contact about reps.

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