Elections - 03/02/2017

When I ran for this role, I thought I had meticulously studied the bye-law to ensure my manifesto encompassed something from every area. However, something I hadn't picked up on was that it would be my responsibility to ensure good promotion of upcoming elections. 

So at the start of the year, myself and Sophie (VP Union Development) sat down to talk about the elections. We both agreed it was time for the elections to have a rebrand from the old 'power up' concept. It was Sophie who came up with the concept of vote fest, an elections period with a focus on fun, music and the sense of community you get from a festival. It was a really exciting concept and I loved working with the design team on it. It has gone through a few incarnations already, however, I am so excited that we have finally reached a vision that I really feel says 'vote fest' - democracy is cool and fun! And you should get involved! 

Here is one of the latest designs which you will start to see appearing around campus, starting with adverts in SCAN and a stall at the careers fair! Please get in touch and tell us what you think of it! 

There is a whole promotional campaign planned around elections which involves so many different groups of people. To name a few; I am working on an elections video with LA1:TV to try and give the elections a strong presence on social media. I am working with the Full-Time Officers to try and encourage people to run by doing 'day in the life' snapchat stories to show what a typical day as an officer is like. We are also sending out role specific emails to groups who might be interested in running in the elections, so for example, I will be contacting student media and active campaigning groups. 

Alongside these things I am working with the part-time officers on an initiative we are calling 'Liberate Lancaster' which hopes to encourage minority groups and those less likely to run in the elections. I'll be doing a separate update about this soon! 

Are you thinking of running? Get in touch and we can organise an informal chat about the process, roles and more!