Travel FAQs

Travel FAQs

How do I get involved? 

There are a few stages to the trip application process. To begin, please fill in the trip application form. As part of the application process you will have the opportunity to apply for financial assistance. 

Once your application from has been completed, you will be contacted by a member of the LUSU Overseas team. You will be invited to a meeting to discuss the trip in more detail. This will also be your chance to ask any questions that you may have.

After your meeting your place on the trip will be confirmed, and you will be asked to give us a few additional details and pay the trip deposit of £200.

If at any point you have any questions about the application process, please email

Where can I see what previous participants thought about the trip?

You can see photos and blog posts from past travellers by at or by searching for #lusuoverseas on Twitter or Instagram.

Can all students take part in LUSU Overseas? 

Yes! We encourage all students to apply to participate in the trip. This includes all undergraduates and postgraduates. Please note that there may be some visa restrictions for certain nationalities travelling to our destinations. Please come and talk to us if you think this may be an issue. 

Can final year students take part in LUSU Overseas? 

Yes! Even if you are in your final year you can still participate. 

When will the trip take place? 

LUSU Overseas: Depending on where you go, you’ll depart the UK in the last week of August or the first week of September and spend two or three weeks in the country of your choice. The dates for the 2017 trips are:

China: 26 August to 17 September

India: 26 August to 16 September

Ghana: 2 – 17 September

Malaysia: 26 August to 16 September

Your Global Exploration: These trips take place for two weeks during the Easter vacation. Typically, the trip departs soon after term ends.

Can I go to more than one country? 

The LUSU Overseas trips happen at the same time so it is not possible to take part in more than one trip in the same year. You are welcome to travel with us in multiple summers, many students do! 

It may be possible to travel on both a LUSU Overseas trip and a Your Global Exploration trip in the same year, depending on your personal circumstances.

What is the difference between traveling India, Malaysia, Ghana or China? 

The main difference that you will see will be the cultural differences between the countries. The trips themselves will obviously vary in content dependent on projects, contacts, networks, culture and so on; in that respect the trips are unique. The LUSU Overseas team has travelled to all of the destinations and would be happy to speak to you in more detail about the unique aspects of each destination. 

How will I benefit from these trips? 

The experience gained by going abroad with us can be used to demonstrate skilla required for the Lancaster Award. Additionally, experience of overseas travel can help you develop many work skills that employers are looking for. After your trip, you will be invited to an employability session where you will learn how to express your new skills on your CV and in interview settings.


What does the fee include? 

The fee for the 2017 LUSU Overseas programmes is £850. This fee covers a 3 week experience in Malaysia, China or India or a two week trip to Ghana. Included in this fee is your accommodation, scheduled activities and the majority of your meals (your meals will be local foods, giving you the chance to try and enjoy something new!). 

The fee for the 2018 Your Global Exploration trips to Malaysia and USA will be confirmed at the start of Michaelmas Term.

What isn't included in the fee? 

  • Flights (please see below) 
  • Injections and medication: This will vary depending on which country option you choose. Participants should visit a travel clinic or nurse for advice before travelling. Many required injections are usually free of charge from your GP. 
  • Spending money for shopping, some meals, weekends and free time. 
  • Visa: You will need to complete your own visa application but LUSU can help you. If you have a UK passport you do not need a visa to travel to Malaysia. 
  • Travel to and from the UK departure airport 

How much are flights? 

We will book flights on your behalf. Your flight costs will vary depending on the country and trip option that you have chosen. The following flight prices have been confirmed for the 2017 trips:

  • Malaysia (summer LUSU Overseas trip): £590, departing from Manchester Airport
  • China (summer LUSU Overseas trip): £592, departing from Manchester Airport
  • India (summer LUSU Overseas trip): £712, departing from Heathrow Airport
  • Ghana (summer LUSU Overseas trip): £610, departing from Manchester Airport

The following flights costs are approximate: 

  • United States: £500

To make sure that everyone pays a fair price and to ensure everyone on the same option is on the same flight, we make a group booking. If researching for yourself, you may see that some flights are less expensive than the price we are asking you to pay; this is because when we make a group booking the airline charges individual participants the average price. 

Can I get financial support?  

We believe that students should not be excluded on the basis of cost alone; therefore financial support of up to the cost of the programme fee is available. The majority of the grants available are for £500. Anyone is welcome to apply, but applications will be prioritised based on the following criteria: 

  • If the applicant qualifies for a means-tested bursary from the University 
  • If the applicant is in the first generation of their family to go to university 
  • The personal statement written by the applicant in support of their application 

Please indicate on your application form if you wish to apply for financial assistance and explain your reasons for doing so. 

We also encourage all applicants to speak to their relevant College Managers to see if a College travel grant is available. 

Do I need to pay a deposit? 

Yes, a deposit of £200 needs to be paid before your application is complete. 

What happens with flights if I am traveling from another country? 

If you are an international student you may choose to book your own flight for logistical reasons. You must tell a member of the team; we will need your flight information so that arrangements can be made with our partners. You will be given the group flight information and you should arrive at the airport before the group arrives and leave after the group departs. You may face additional costs to cover the individual arrangements made regarding your airport collections. 

What do we look for in applicants? 

  • Extent that the individual can gain new experiences, enhance their studies and see employability benefits 
  • Extent that individuals can bring specific skills and energy to further the project: 
  • Communicate effectively with people from other cultures and backgrounds 
  • Team player 
  • Ability to enthuse and motivate one’s self and others 
  • Ability to overcome obstacles and creativity when problem solving 
  • Good work ethic