Hello guys!

After being chased/hounded by Rachel for not posting a blog last month, I have learnt the errors of my ways and have actually prepared a little update of my last couple of weeks this time. Enjoy.

Getting stuck in!

After a first month of learning this has definitely felt like a month of doing. I feel like I’m really getting stuck into making my aims a reality and I have to admit, I’m pretty much loving my life and my job at the moment. I’m even going to Uni meetings with a spring in my step!


After a productive meeting with SBS, there were some actions made about improving the support and communication before, during and after a student’s intercalation. I believe this will really help students going through the process and make what can be a really daunting/stressful time a bit more human. Also, this is actually my first big win as an officer so it’s safe to say I’m well chuffed!

He Bill/ TEF

Things are rapidly moving in the students union about how we will oppose the new Higher Education and Research Bill, so look out for a whole bunch of stuff coming your way over the first term!

Finishing my degree

A bit later than most but I am glad to say that I have graduated from Lancaster University with a BSc in Physics! I am well buzzing and I wanted to say thank you to the rest of my team and all the staff at LUSU for their encouragement and support.

Final thoughts

Final thing I’d like to say is if anyone has anything they’d like talk to me about, or any ideas they have. Just drop me a quick email at lusu.vp.education@lancaster.ac.uk . I am your representative after all and I’d love to support anyone with an idea.

Peace and Love!