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Welcome to LUAT - Lancaster University Airsoft Team (and society). Airsoft is a military-simulation based sport, it focuses on using real-world military tactics, weapon replicas and vehicles. Much like paintball, Airsoft uses imitation firearms that are essentially high-quality bb guns. The equipment used in an Airsoft game is near identical to the real thing (apart from the weaponry, of course), which provides immersion like no other sport. If you've seen a gun in any game, there's an Airsoft version. Assault rifles, SMGs, pistols, sniper rifles, shotguns, grenades, mines, you name it!


Just a small taste of the weapon variation in Airsoft. Don't forget the LMGs, sniper rifles, DMRs, pistols and various grenades.


Airsoft ammo costs a tiny fraction of the same number of paintballs, and while the bbs travel faster than the average paintball, their low weight means that in comparison, they barely hurt at all! Hate lugging around a big hopper full of paintballs? All our guns are mag-fed, which means they both look and feel real! And don't worry about having to buy your own kit; just strap on your best pair of boots and the society can provide everything else you need for a game day. We have an armory stocked with M4A1-based rifles, torches, grenades, radios and all the safety kit you could ever want.


Often run by current or ex-military personnel, an Airsoft day out is like no other and provides a huge adrenaline rush and a great way to keep fit, meet new people and shoot your friends. We try to play on a variety of sites, including woodland, CQB (close quarters battle), and even a disused military base (which operates vehicles and the occasional gatling gun)!


That's right: Airsoft guns are fully compatible with all scopes, grips and other attachments.


You can spend as much or as little as you like on the sport and we are dedicated as a society to keeping costs to a minimum. Airsoft is a team game and we play as such. We are a competitive society and we play to WIN but have a really good laugh in doing so. We have a decent number of socials so you can be sure that you'll be playing with friends. Anyone is welcome to join, but we have a zero tolerance policy on cheaters and bad sportsmanship. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us via our Facebook group, page, or by email.


If you are bringing your own Airsoft equipment, then get in contact IMMEDIATELY, as Airsoft guns are not allowed to be stored on campus, and we will arrange for it to be stored elsewhere.

Terms and Conditions

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All members must attendend a compulsory safety briefing, held by at least one member of the executive committee, before they can attend a game day. These may be requested at any time.