Putting on events

The key steps to follow for organising an event with your group.

Start Early!

The earlier the better, especially if you’re planning something on a large scale. A lot of different components come together to make a successful event, so leaving all organisation to the week before is not going to help anyone.

Events which are going to take place outdoors or need a lot of support will need to have all elements finalised two weeks in advance to be able to get the go ahead for the event.

Book Your Space

Depending on where you are thinking of holding your event, this will be the first thing you need to secure. Spaces get booked up quickly, especially large spaces like the Great Hall Complex so making sure this is sorted first means everything else will be easier to work out. Other spaces in the university may need to be agreed with the University’s Facilities department, so please make sure this is raised at least four weeks in advance so that the relevant authorisations can be made.

You can book most places via the online room bookings system using your group email address.

  • If you are using anywhere inside the Great Hall Complex you will need to book this through the Activities team. with the key information about the event; i.e. what you are planning on doing; what layout you’ll be using; the times of your event etc. They will then take this to the Great Hall to check availability and suitability and to acquire a rough costing for the event.
  • If you are using the Sports Centre or any of the pitches, you’ll need to contact them directly.
  • There may be some charges for these venues, so please be aware of this.

Booking a Marquee

If you want to book a marquee in Alexandra Square you can complete our online booking form. Please note that student activity marquees are booked in on Tuesdays and set up by our Events Crew but for full terms and conditions about our marquees please check out our T&Cs Document.

Booking PA Kits and Technical Requirements

The next step is working out your tech requirements. If you need any sound or light equipment you can hire this from us from £20 depending on the kit you need. We also have our trusty LUSU Events Crew who will set up any kit you’re using and help crew your event for you; they are paid by the hour and this obviously depends on the extent of the kit and set-up required.

If you use our kit quite a lot, we can arrange for training from a member of our Crew to enable a selected person from your group to sign out, set up and use the kit themselves.

If you want to book any of our packages please complete the online booking form. For terms and conditions when booking any kit and costs please check out our T&Cs Document.

Guest Speakers and Guest Visitors 

If you are having a guest speaker at your event, or a guest visitor (anyone outside of your society membership), you must complete the online Guest/Speaker request form at least four weeks in advance to your event. Your room booking request will not be approved until your guest/visitor request has been approved, please consider this in your planning.

Budgeting and Funding

Once you have somewhere to hold you event, make sure you can afford it.  You need to draw up a budget which details all of your costs and any income you may bring in through sponsorship or ticket sales.

Depending on the scale of your event, you might need some extra funds to cover costs. There are several ways to generate this extra income including fundraising events, additional member income, external sponsorship and Activities Exec funding.

There are limitations to what Activities Exec will fund, but you may be eligible to apply for this providing it fits within the guidelines. 

Again, this is something that needs to happen as early as possible. Applying for funding or sourcing other external income can be a lengthy process, so you have to allow plenty of time for this.

Health and Safety

In one way or another, you will each have your own Risk Assessment and/or Code of Practice for your individual group activity. However, you will need to draw up a different document when you are holding an event that is outside of your normal activity (E.g. putting on a show as a performance society or holding a tournament as a sports team.)

You can do this following the same process used for your normal documentation, and we can help you in LUSU by talking you through examples we have from previous events.

Again, this is something that needs to be given careful thought and not rushed!


It is important to begin publicising your event as soon as possible. You can talk to us about promoting it for you via the LUSU Twitter and Facebook page. If your event is open to all students, you can also request an entry in Squeak, our weekly e newsletter and add your event to the LUSU calendar which also populates the iLancaster app.

If your event is ticketed, you will need to think about producing the actual tickets for people to purchase as well as how you are going to sell them. There are ticket companies you can use, however they can be quite expensive so it can be better to make them yourself.

Rehearsal Time

This won’t be essential for all events, however if you are planning a show of some sort which involves technical equipment, our Events Crew will need some time beforehand to program and run through things. This obviously means that you will need to book plenty of time for your event

If you would like to book additional space to rehearse for a show or performance we may be able to facilitate this. To enquire please email Martin Ennis.

Please feel free to ask us questions about any of the above points. The team are here to help support you to make your ideas and events possible so please come and see us or drop us an email to discuss your ideas further.