First Month In Office - 29/07/16


I think I’ve properly settled in now and following a load of training and conferences,  I thought I would do a quick update/blog on the big things that have happened since I started and how I’m getting on with my priorities.


For my first priority with the welfare booklets, they have been written as a base document and are currently going through the process of being vetted by Student Based Services and designed by our lovely graphics designer. Unfortunately they cannot be college specific because of financial limitations however there shall hopefully be college specific leaflets available to use instead.

The information will also hopefully be on iLancaster by the end of the summer also, so returning students can easily access it as well!

In regards to my second priority on mental health: I’ve been in contact with SBS and LUSU in regards to training Welfare Officers and LUSU staff in various forms of Mental Health First Aid which should hopefully be available from next year. I’m also working with careers on how to modify their ‘Disclosing your Disability’ workshop into one based more on mental health.

I’m also planning on running a campaign on the 10th October for World Mental Health Day, there will likely be various activities going on, such as a Time to Talk, information handouts and de-stressing activities. That’s very early in the planning stage but if you’d like to get involved please contact me!

My last priority for waste and pollution students make: I have been getting some research done on how various students come to campus so I can have some statistical data to back up the claims I make! I honestly haven’t had time to get as far with this priority as I maybe would have liked to.


There’s been lots of training, from teambuilding in Arnside, conferences in Liverpool and Keele and various workshops put on by LUSU itself.  Now they’re all coming to an end, focus can finally be put on the other campaigns the team and I are doing! The conferences in all honesty had their highlights and low points, some of the workshops given were a little repetitive but making contacts with Officers all across the country will be something to build upon!

I like the rest of my team as well, which is always a positive.

Campaigns and Events Going On

So I and the lovely VP Campaigns and Communications, Rachel Hughes, are planning to rebrand the successful #DontRentYet campaign into something that focuses more on Housing Rights following the LPNM scandal of last year. We’re planning on having it run co-currently throughout the year at major points in the housing cycle, so keep an eye out!

Alcohol Impact - We’re going for a fancy award! So the main idea behind it is to promote responsible drinking and a safe community, in order to do that we need to pass certain quality marks that ensure we are sticking to a national standard. I’ve currently written some policy that needs to be passed by Executive and we’ll be doing awareness campaigns during Fresher’s Week and working with local bars to promote social contracts and responsible drinking community-wide.

Pride – I’ve been approached by a local group who are looking to run a Pride event in Lancaster castle in May. However they need funding so I am looking for potential funding opportunities within the University to sponsor the event to ensure it can go ahead! I hope to get our LGBTQ+ society involved in the planning so we can integrate the local community and campus groups together more and get them working on a joint aim!

So that’s kind of what I’ve been up to, as well as having various meetings with University Staff and introducing myself to everyone. I think I’ll do these blogs once a month to keep you all updated with the goings on with me, campaigns, priorities or any general interesting things.


Dave x