Thanks to students who supported Sugarhouse

Tuesday 13-12-2016 - 09:16

We're extremely disappointed with the decision that's been made by the city councillors on the planning committee to approve student accommodation next to our Sugarhouse nightclub in the former Gillow’s building.

We've done our best to represent the views of our members throughout this process and we'd like to thank the hundreds of students have taken the time to submit their objections. We're disappointed that the student voice has not been listened to on this occasion.

Our view remains that a decision has been made despite the numerous questions hanging over the design - meaning this well-established club may come under threat as a result of complaints from tenants.

Experts commissioned by the union advise us that more detailed acoustic analysis was needed to be sure that the flats are fit for purpose.

In allowing this project to go ahead the council has paved the way for the development of its own building in St Leonardsgate.

Sugarhouse now faces being surrounded by residential developments that have been approved on the basis of incomplete acoustic analysis.

Nevertheless, the union is committed to the future of The Sugarhouse and will do what's needed to ensure it continues to thrive despite this setback. We now look forward to working with the developers of Gillows, who have pledged to contribute to further soundproofing measures at the Sugarhouse as appropriate.



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