All full time and part time students registered to study degrees or diplomas at Lancaster University and who are receiving regular tuition or supervision in Lancaster are automatically full members of our Union. You do not need a Purple card to be a member of the union.

If you are a student studying at one of our partner institutions such as Sunway or the Goenka World Institute you are an associate member. As are staff of the union and the university

The main difference between a full and associate member is how far we can go in representing you and it sometimes impacts on your ability to participate in elections for student officers positions at Lancaster.

Students have the right to opt out of the union. If a student opts out of membership by default they also opt out of membership of their Junior Common Room (JCR). They do however remain members of their college.

Students who opt out have no right to participate or vote in any union elections and have no right to representation by elected student representatives. Students who opt out cannot hold student representative positions within the university which are filled by the union.

The University is responsible for ensuring that students who do opt out are not unfairly disadvantaged by their non-membership of the Union or JCR. Students who have opted out of membership of the union and JCR who wish to express any views on any university matter shall in the first instance put their views in writing to the University Secretary.

Students who have opted out and who believe they have been unfairly discriminated against as a result should complain to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Colleges and the Student Experience.