International Cultural Exchange

LUSU Overseas and the World at Lancaster present the International Inbound programme. Each summer, Lancaster is host to people from our partner universities all over the world. Students from Pakistan, Ghana, China, Malaysia and India all visit our Lancaster campus for three weeks varied activities.

These activities include:

  • Countryside days to local farms in the Lancashire area
  • Community days volunteering in schools or local arts projects
  • College sports day
  • Showcase day

And many more including academic, society activities and politics.

This programme is a very unique opportunity to bring our partner universities together in one place and make lifelong friends from across the globe. The programme is supported by 40 Lancaster University students who live, support and encourage our visiting students. Further details of employment and voluntary opportunities will be available in Term 2 (Lent Term). For more information in the meantime, email

Fancy a better look? Check out this video from our student TV station LA1:TV and read our brochure.