Chair's Blog: Week 3

I'm really working on getting these blog updates out sooner, 4 (working) days ain't bad!

Items for approval.

The only item for the approval this week was the Terms of Reference for the Executive Committee Steering Group. This meeting is made up of five Student Officers who look at the ideas which have been submitted and consider where the best place for ideas to go is. The ideas can be filtered in a few different ways; is the idea more relevant to the University or Union? Which Officer should take lead? What actions should come from the idea? Etc. The Terms of Reference was approved.

Items for discussion.

Since the original Journey of Change Strategy for the Union was written last academic year there has been a few big changes to Higher Education (Brexit, TEF, NSS, etc🙈), therefore we have been working on updating the document. The first draft of this document was presented to members of the Executive to discuss. The major changes included focusing the Union on 'delivering' rather than just 'presenting;' laying out what the ‘NUS Quality Mark: Excellent’ actually meant and taking away the aims for 15/16 as they should hopefully have been completed! Once this document has been okay-ed, a version of it will be published online.

The University is currently thinking about different things which could be 'bundled' in to accommodation prices on campus. The model for working out what and how things would work is very complicated - but essentially it would need to be beneficial to all students on campus. Currently the two best ideas are College Memberships or Gym Memberships, do you think these sound any good? If you have any more ideas about what students might value as part of their rent on campus, get in touch with myself or Rhiannon! The idea was well received by the Executive, but there were some questions about fair it would be for all students which Rhiannon will need to go back to the University with.

(Here is an awkward photo of myself to illustrate accomodation)

On the 19th of November, LUSU will be sending just under 60 students to go on a national demonstration organised by the NUS. The demo is titled ‘United for Education’ and it is about saying No to fees, No to Cuts and No to Debt.You can find out more about it here.The Executive was asked to discuss what they believed was the appropriate fee to charge students to go down to London would be. Now obviously this is was a difficult decision to make, what is the right fee for a free education march? LUSU will be paying for the majority of the cost of the coach, however we needed to make sure students would show up for that 3/4am start on the day! The decision made by the Executive was that a nominal fee would be appropriate and that we're going to try and keep it as low as possible!

You will be able to register for the march by attending this event. More information regarding the demo and TEF will be released shortly and there will be a pop up Union in Alex Square on Tuesday from 11 until 2pm!

Student Ideas

The ideas which have been submitted to Executive this week are:

  1. Student Media in iLancaster
  2. Use of open shuttle buses or cars within campus

Both of these ideas have been filtered to be considered by another body – Rachel and Dave will be passing them onto whoever is most appropriate!

Any Other Business

The Executive Committee needed to elected a Vice-Chair, who would also be chairing Wednesday's General Meeting. The new Vice-Chair is Qas, Furness President!