Welcome Week - 10/10/2016

Welcome to Lancaster!

To all the returning students it is so good to see everyone back! And to the class of 2016 - welcome to your new home! I hope you love it here as much as I do!

Throughout the summer I went to loads of meetings that were focused on delivering welcome week. And so much work goes in to it - from the launch of online societies and sports clubs memberships to the amazing events and nights out organised throughout the week. I have been at Lancaster for five years now (I know... I know...) which means I have seen five variations of 'welcome week'  and I really think this year was one of the best. The week was incredible with such a variety of activities and that is mostly down to the incredible work the JCRs and College Reps do. I am always amazed by the dedication of college officers and really think your representative this year pulled off a spectacular week!

In the lead up to arrivals weekend everyone warned me that I would be run off my feet but I don't think anyone was able to prepare me for the exhaustion that took over me by the end of the week. But I know that's just because I threw myself into every activitity and opportunity on offer from standing on the roundabout and waving at cars on arrivals weekend, delivering welcome speeches at various events including the International Welcome, to handing out water, sweets and busicuits with Dave (VP Welfare and Community) outside the Sugarhouse. I was even able to try out for the Grad College (my college as I am still completeing my Master's Degree) Netball team.

And all this came alongside launching my first campaign 'We Are Lancaster' with welcome graphics on the learning zone windows in multiple different languages. I am really proud of this campaign which tried to encapsulate the Full Time Officer teams group aim this year which is to internationalise the student experience. Each officer is interrpreting this role is a different way but essentially it is something that crosses our mind in every meeting and ever decision we make as individuals and as a team. For me, I wanted to build a campaign that celebrates the diversity of our campus and the fact that when you come to Lancaster you are part of a global community - with students and academics from all around the world. To me this is one of the best things about Lancaster! That is why it is so good to have people on campus again - despite it being a bit of a building site at the moment! This campaign is going to run all year and the University has recently go involved with it - turning it into a partnership project that will hopefully last a long time and reach a large audience.

I hope you had an amazing first week at Lancaster and I hope you are settling in. If anyone would like to contact me after reading this blog post please email at lusu.comms@lancaster.ac.uk - it would be great to hear from you!