Do you know what a Full Time Officer is?

The answer to that isn’t really that important right now and we aren’t going to get too bogged down in the details for now. What you need to know is there are 6 of them, they hold office for a year, they represent the Lancaster student body in areas from academic issues to sporting facilities, they are elected by students and impact your time at Lancaster half of the time without you noticing.

As a membership organisation with students at its heart Lancaster University Students’ Union needs to make sure it is representing you.

This is where you come in; we want to know what you think of the current Full Time Officer positions, what areas of student life you think they should represent, if you think they are fine just as they are or if you even know what a Full Time Officer is.

Following the democratic review in 2016 it is more important than ever that the Full Time Officer structure fits with what you want and need as students.

There is a prize of £200 for one person that completes the survey and 10 runners up will win £20!

Complete the survey here

You can read more about the current Full Time Officer roles here and more about the democratic structures here.