The following policy items have been passed democratically by the Students' Union. Before 2016/17, our principal policymaking body was LUSU Council. From 2016/17 onwards, policy items are passed by either LUSU Executive Committee, a Student Jury, or an all-student Referendum. You can find out more about these structures and bodies here.

Some documents may have been superceded by later governance changes or decisions or become redundant as a result of time-sensitivity. Policy items last for 3 years, after which time they are lapsed or can be renewed by being passed through our policymaking bodies again.


Policy 2013-14

Motion on combating rape culture

Motion on industrial action

Motion on porters

Motion on access to drinking water

Motion on LGBTQ* club nights

Motion on cost reduction and electronic documents

Motion on prevention of NHS Fees for international students

Motion on promoting positive body image on campus

Motion on banning of initiations

Motion on boycotting page 3 of The Sun

Motion on Department Representatives

Motion on Accessible and Accountable LUSU Councils (superceded by new constitution)

Motion on LUSU Gives

Motion on ensuring diverse representation in our union’s democratic structures (superceded by new constitution)

Motion on financial accountability and transparency

Motion on proposed industrial action

Motion on student safety on nights out

Motion on cost of living

Motion on ethical donations and sponsorship

Motion on save the archives

Motion on zero hours contracts

Motion on appropriate teaching space

Motion on Bowland College principal

Motion on Cross-Campus Officer Committee (superceded by new constitution)

Motion on Faculty Reps

Motion on holding elected officers to account

Motion on postgraduate employment charter

Motion on the General Election

Motion on Time to Change pledge

Policy 2014-15

Motion on Saving Beds in the Orchard campaign

Motion on anti-fracking

Motion on Students Not Suspects

Motion on supporting those who care

Motion on boycott divestment sanctions (referendum failed to pass)

Motion on disabled students’ access to education

Motion on housing policy

Motion on participatory budgeting

Motion on Time to Change

Policy 2015-16

Motion on mature students

Motion on self-defining electorate

Motion to Remain

Motion on hustings in LUSU elections

Motion on opposing tuition fees

Motion on the cost of student accommodation

Motion for Stand By Me campaign

Policy 2016-17

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Responsible Alcohol Consumption Policy

Zero Tolerance Policy

Housing Policy

Ethical and Sustainability Policy


If you're interested in writing or submitting your own policy items, contact lusu.governance@lancaster.ac.uk or the Chair of LUSU Executive Committee at lusu.vp.ed@lancaster.ac.uk