Dry January - 03/01/2017

Hi there!

I wish a happy 2017 to all of you and hope your wildest dreams come true. At the moment you’ll see a flurry of Facebook, Twitter and any other social media posts around ‘new year, new me’ and whilst I can promise this isn’t one of those it might come across the in same vein.

So anyway, I’m doing Dry January this month. Why, I hear you ask? Well there are many different reasons. Firstly, I want to see how I’ll fair, I always see a lot of people do it every year but never go through with it so it’s more about inquisitiveness than anything from a personal standpoint.

Secondly as part of my role I see a lot of alcohol issues that affect students, and with a generous estimate that 20% of students can be classed as ‘binge drinkers’ it is an issue that often can go under the radar. I make it no secret that I can enjoy a drink myself and would probably have been classed as one of those 20% during my student years. Whilst, yes, it is noticeable that drinking cultures have changed within students over the past couple of years and lowered proportionately that is not to say the issue has gone away. Alcohol can cause many issues, such as fractured friendships and relationships, health concerns and possibly even dependency as student life becomes more demanding to get that holy grailed 2.1 or even 1st.

So with the position I have I can make a public showcase, something that others may not be able to do, and get you lucky devils to follow my journey through a sober month and highlight the real issues that alcohol can have and what we as a Union are doing to change these attitudes. This blog shall be a reflection of it, what I learn (I may also save a few quid) and lastly to educate students on what support services are available if they do feel they have an issue and the signs to look out for.

My next blog will mainly speak about what actions the Union currently in the pipeline and my first week’s observations.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings,

Dave x