Department Activities The Activities team support our clubs and societies and run large campus events
Ennis, Martin Activities Manager Manager of Activities supporting both staff and student groups including the development of JCRS, clubs and societies. Oversees health and safety for LUSU and its affiliated groups. LUSU (01524) 5-92579
Gardner, Mark Sports Participation Coordinator LUSU 01524 5-94548
Jackson, Kate Societies and Community Manager Supporting students in societies, volunteering and enterprise on campus and in the community. LUSU (01524) 5-10849
James, Patrick Societies Coordinator LUSU 01524 5-94134
Jenkinson, Caroline Sports Co-ordinator Offers support to the BUCS groups and other competitive clubs including the organisation of BUCS fixtures. LUSU (01524) 5-92882
Nash, Danielle Sports Development Manager Managing the delivery of our sports development programme for our members to enjoy competitive and recreational participation in sport and well being activities. LUSU (01524) 5-94046
Pridmore, Abby Student Participation Co-ordinator Coordinating Just Play activity LUSU 01524 5-94670
Department Administration The Finance team, Chief Executive and Departmental Administrator
Geddes, Claire Chief Executive Chief Executive for LUSU LUSU (01524) 5-94022
Longmire, Veronica Departmental Administrator Departmental Administrator for LUSU, offering administrative support to the Chief Executive. LUSU (01524) 5-93768
Matthews, Ben Deputy Chief Executive Manages student activities, overseas, enterprise and volunteering opportunities as well as enhancing partnerships, working with the colleges, strengthening communications and impact and undertaking other special projects. LUSU (01524) 5-92063
Department Commercial services The staff team that run our retail shops, commercial marketing and our nightclub, the Sugarhouse
Cooke, Allison Retail Manager Manages our two on campus retail outlets: LUSU Central, our convenience store and LUSU shop which sells stationery, snacks and university memorabilia. LUSU (01524) 5-94275 / (01524) 35401
Hall, Patrick Sugarhouse Assistant Manager LUSU 01524 635080
Hope, Chloe Senior Retail Assistant Assists in the day to day operations of the LUSU retail shops. LUSU (01524) 5-92116 / (01524) 35401
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Hubner, Diego Senior Retail Assistant
Kay, Sally Sugarhouse Venue Manager Runs LUSU’s nightclub, the Sugarhouse. LUSU (01524) 63508
Stu Powers
Powers, Stuart Commercial Marketing and Support Manager Manages the Marketing Team which is responsible for campus promotional activity, the Purple card and offering insight in to our Commercial Services. LUSU (01524) 5-93422
Rostern, Aimee Sugarhouse Assistant Manager LUSU 01524 635080
Shaw, Vicky Senior Retail Assistant Retail Assistant in LUSU shop and Central. LUSU (01524) 5-92116 / (01524) 35401
Stables, Matthew Assistant Retail Manager Based in LUSU Shop, main contact and main contact for University memorabilia. LUSU (01524) 5-92116
Thornton, Lorraine Senior Retail Assistant Working in LUSU shops. LUSU (01524) 5-92116 / (01524) 35401
Department Communications and IT In house IT support and systems, communications and graphic design.
Bardsley, Adam Head of Communications and IT Oversees LUSU Communications and IT services. LUSU (01524) 5-92700
Everill, Paul Information Systems Support Co-ordinator Supporting LUSU staff in day to day IT issues and furthering IT development for internal systems. LUSU (01524) 5-93478
Hart, Bob Communications Manager Overseeing the communications department and team of student staff on the solutions team, as well as internal and external communications. LUSU 01524 (5) 94203
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Harvey, Rachel Communications Assistant Communication through the LUSU Social media channels such as Linked In, Facebook and Twitter, website and emails such as Squeak. Support on all communications internal and external and keep photography up to date. LUSU 01524 5-93760
Thorley, Iain Graphic Designer LUSU 01524 5-93762
Department Finance
Hillier, Janet Accounts Assistant Assists in the day to day running of the Finance Office mainly supporting the JCRs, Admin offices, involve and payment of student staff wages. LUSU (01524) 5-92575
Histon, Rebekah Accounts Assistant LUSU 01524 5-94264
Morgan Jones, Jane Financial Controller In charge of the Union’s Financial services, accounts and insurance. LUSU (01524) 5-92212
Rhodes, Michael Accounts Assistant LUSU 01524 5-92575
Department Full Time Officers Our full time elected officer team
Capstick, Katie Vice President Campaigns & Communications Supporting the work of media organisations associated or affiliated with LUSU and leading on campaigns. Also responsible for alumni relations. LUSU (01524) 5-92613
Harper, Ben Vice President: Education Represents students, leads campaigns and is involved particularly in academic student issues. LUSU (01524) 5-92202
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Hedley, William President President of the Students’ Union, representing students and leading various campaigns to improve the Lancaster experience for students. LUSU (01524) 5-92206
Lee, Anna Vice President: Welfare & Community The political lead for LUSU on EWD issues for students alongside charity and community projects. LUSU (01524) 5-92197
Stapleton, Tom Vice President: Union Development Focussed on the overall development of the Union and its officers. LUSU (01524) 5-93766
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Sutcliffe, Natalie Vice President: Activities Representing students, encouraging participation at all levels and also organises the annual Roses event. LUSU (01524) 5-92189
Department Housing LUSU Living; the University's official off campus housing provider.
Cleminson , Kirsti LUSU Living Assistant Assists in the day to day running of the LUSU Living office. LUSU (01524) 5-92170
Lewis, Mary LUSU Living Assistant Manager Duties include liaising with landlords and students to provide quality off campus accommodation and service. LUSU (01524) 5-93261
Lockley, Dawn LUSU Living Assistant Assists in the day to day running of the LUSU Living office. LUSU (01524) 5-93084
Verden, Caroline LUSU Living Senior Clerical Assistant Assists in the day to day running of the LUSU Living office, liaising with landlords and student tenants. LUSU (01524) 5-94182
Ward, Matthew LUSU Living Manager Manages LUSU Living which provides quality off campus accommodation for students in the Lancaster area. LUSU (01524) 5-94003
Department Innovation and Enterprise Here to support students with innovation opportunities and help in starting their own businesses
Balis, Gerasimos Innovation Coordinator LUSU 01524 5-93997
Bourne, Joe Innovation and Development Initiatives manager LUSU (01524) 5-92169
Jackson, Kate Societies and Community Manager Supporting students in societies, volunteering and enterprise on campus and in the community. LUSU (01524) 5-10849
Department Overseas Offering Lancaster students the opportunity to travel overseas on our cultural exchange programme. For general queries, email or call (01524) 5-92714.
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Armstrong, Clare Student Coordinator, International Programmes Supporting students to gain international experiences both abroad and here at Lancaster. LUSU 01524 5-93686
Devaux, Julia International Programme Manager Helping students gain international experience. LUSU (01524) 5-92949
Fox, Tom International Programme Coordinator LUSU 01524 5-93501
Department Representation and Support For help and advice for our members and policy support to our officer team.
Cottam, Chris Education and Support Manager Manages the operations of LUSU Education and Support. Responsible for overseeing educational research activity, supporting LUSU policy creation, developing support services and providing advice to students. LUSU (01524) 5-94327
Hall, Su Education and Representation Adviser Supports student representatives in departments, colleges and across campus and gives advice. LUSU (01524) 5-92851
Hughes, Robin Education and Policy Adviser Supports policy, governance, and research development and gives one to one advice. LUSU (01524) 5-92344
Jones, Christine Education and Support Adviser Gives one to one advice including financial, accommodation and academic issues. LUSU (01524) 5-93769
Department Volunteering Here to provide schools, community and environmental volunteering opportunities for our members
Axe, Darren Environmental Projects Coordinator Co-ordinates Environmental Volunteering projects, bike sales, the Exodus Re-Use Project and the Campus Eco-Hub LUSU (01524) 5-93681
Gillett, Lauren Schools Outreach Coordinator
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Goodwin, Amy Schools Volunteer Coordinator Supporting students to take part in schools volunteering opportunities LUSU 01524 5-92828
Harding, Amy Schools Outreach Coordinator Supporting students undertaking schools volunteering placements. LUSU (01524) 5-910591
Hutchinson, Sarah LUSU Involve Manager Manages the operations of LUSU's volunteering, environmental and overseas projects. LUSU (01524) 5-93693
Jackson, Kate Societies and Community Manager Supporting students in societies, volunteering and enterprise on campus and in the community. LUSU (01524) 5-10849
Lockwood, Carla Schools Partnership Manager Supporting students to gain exciting and innovative volunteering opportunities within schools. LUSU (01524) 5-92788
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Parkinson, Jozanda Schools Volunteer Coordinator LUSU 01524 5-92973