Trustees are the people who form the governing body or ‘board’ of a charity. They are the people with ultimate responsibility for directing the business of the charity. Most trustees are volunteers, and receive no payment except for minor expenses. Our Board of Trustees is currently made up of a mix of students, elected officers and external members who can offer a different perspective and expertise.

Officer trustees

There are six Officer Trustees who serve as Trustees for the period of their officership. These officers are the President and Vice Presidents of the Union. The President is also chair of the Trustee Board.

President – Rhiannon Jones

Vice-President Union Development – Sophie Tarif

Vice-President Education – Nick Dearman 

Vice-President Welfare and Community – Dave Whitlock

Vice-President Campaigns and Communications – Rachel Hughes

Vice-President Activities – Jack Walker 

External trustees

LUSU has four external Trustees at anyone time. These are people from outside of the Union and University who can offer expertise and guidance to help LUSU maximise its potential. External trustees serve for an initial period of 2-3 years. Currently serving are:

Warren Nettleford Works as a presenter and reporter for Channel 5 News.  Warren started his career in documentaries before becoming a Channel 4 News trainee and later moving to BBC London News as a reporter.  He studied History and Politics at Lancaster and was a student at County College. Warren served as LUSU President from 2003-4.

Laura Davies After  graduating  from  Keele University,  Laura  spent over 20 years’  as  a senior  manager  in  the public  and  third  sectors  at  local, regional &  national  level government,  in  a wide range of disciplines including  public transport,  procurement, planning, economic  development, urban  regeneration  and  skills  for  sustainable  communities. Between 2009 and 2015, she served  as  an  external trustee of the  University  of Cumbria  Students’  Union  (UCSU)  Trustee Board  since  its inception where she held  the  position  of  vice-chair.  In  2013 Laura was  awarded  a Masters  with  Merit  in  Strategic  Communication  from  the University of Central Lancashire. Her  dissertation  was  a case  study  of the effect  on  corporate communication  of a change in leadership in a large organisation.

Tim Roca Currently manages the Institute of Pharmaceutical Science at King’s College London and was LUSU President in 2007.

Graeme Osborn Currently the Representation, Advice and Welfare Coordinator for the University of York Graduate Students’ Association and a Board Member for the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE). Previously Graham was the sabbatical Academic Officer and a trustee of the University of York Students’ Union, and a member of the Quality Assurance Agency’s Student Advisor Board.

John Hadfield Over 35 years in the accountancy profession from articled clerk to partner. Involved in audit, acquisitions/mergers, stock exchange flotations, re-structures. Worked in UK, USA, Western Europe and Far East. Now professional trustee, director of companies involved in construction (UK and Eastern Europe), advisor to several wholesale companies. Long term relationship with the University first as member of Audit Committee, then Chairman and Council member (retired Feb 2015).

Student trustees

These are students elected by a cross campus ballot in the summer term to serve as trustees for the duration of the following academic year.

Role of the trustee board

The Trustee Board have the ultimate and collective responsibility for directing the non political affairs of LUSU, and ensuring that it is well run, financially sustainable and solvent union and delivers the objectives for which it has been set up.

The Trustee Board has numerous responsibilities derived from the LUSU Constitution and Bylaws as well as the Charity Commission. These primary responsibilities include:

  • Approving in consultation with the Union Council, the mission of the Union and ensuring that it meets the interests of groups who can affect or who are affected by the achievement of the mission

  • Stimulating, challenging, evaluating and endorsing strategies to deliver the Union’s objectives on an ongoing and financially viable basis  including preparing strategic direction.

  • Ensuring that there are in place appropriate arrangements for the management of the Union, particularly through the appointment of the Chief Executive and the Senior management team

  • Ensuring that there are appropriate systems of audit control and accountability

  • Approving the principle policies of the Union (only in the areas of finance, assets and human resources (where appropriate) and ensuring that there is an ethical policy framework consistent with the Union’s Constitution and Bye-Laws and mission

  • Making such provision as it thinks fit for the general welfare of students, in consultation with the Union Council

  • Ensuring that there is full and appropriate consultation on major issues with internal and external groups with an interest in the Union

  • Monitoring the Union’s performance and effectiveness against its objectives through the use of key performance indicators (KPIs) and benchmarking. The Trustee Board also regularly reviews its own effectiveness in facilitating the institutional performance.