We have a number of officer positions at the union, all here to represent you and make your student experience the best it can be. You’ll find contact information for all officers on this page:

Full Time Officers

The Union is led by a team of six Full Time Executive Officers: President, Vice President Union Development, Vice President Education, Vice President Activities, Vice President Campaigns & Communications and Vice President Welfare & Community. These are either students who have just graduated or are taking a year out from their studies.





Officer Accountability and Scrutiny


There are three main ways in which Full Time Officers are held to account, ensuring that they are acting in the best interests of members. Any student may ask them a direct question, they report termly to student Scrutiny Panels, and members may ask any questions at a General Meeting. You can get in touch with any of your Full Time Officers using the contact details above.

Scrutiny Panels

The Full Time Officers and the Executive are held to account through termly Scrutiny Panels. The Scrutiny Panels are six full members of the Students' Union who are appointed annually to monitor the Officers' progress against their manifestos, remits and policies.

Officers submit detailed reports to the Panel about their work on your behalf. This includes updates on their manifesto pledges and on the democratically adopted policy each Officer is responsible for. The Scrutiny Panel provide reports on each Officer and deliver their reports to the termly General Meetings.